Online Privacy Policy

FENIX® ​​respects your concern regarding the confidentiality of the personal data you provide us through this site. By communicating your personal information, you accept its use under the following conditions: 

1. General Information

Through the intermediary of our site, FENIX® ​​can collect personal data through contact forms, online quotes and subscriptions to the newsletter. 

All marketing material distributed thanks to this personal data is sent to you as a representative of a current or potential customer of the FENIX® ​​brand, and not as a private person. 

2. Right to Access, rectification, deletion or objection

You have at all times the right to access, rectify and delete the personal information that has been given to FENIX® ​​through our website. You can also oppose the processing of your personal information for commercial purposes by sending an email to the following address: 

3. Purpose of the collection of personal data

Through the Site, FENIX® ​​collects data only for the purposes defined below: 

  • Respond to your questions, commands and complaints sent through forms;
  • Propose pertinent information of our products in accordance with the applicable conditions and their consent,
  • Commercial segmentation;
  • Personalization of our communication;
  • Statistics, studies and analysis of digital marketing for the improvement of the site;
  • Subscription to the newsletter;
  • Administration and management of our customer relationship

3. Data recipient

FENIX® website ​​could share your personal information with the commercial team of Fenix ​​in order to improve the customer relationship, commercial prospecting and perform statistical studies thanks to your interactions with the site. 

Outside of the cases listed, FENIX® ​​does not transmit your personal data with any other entity. 

4. Cookie policy

We use cookies and some information about your visit in order to:

  • Give you a better experience on our website;
  • Measure and improve our services;
  • Analyze the effectiveness of our digital efforts

For this, we use the following cookies:

• Performance cookies

These cookies collect anonymous information about the way users interact with the site. For example, Google Analytics is a tool that helps to understand how customers access the site, how they use it and show the pages that we can improve.

• Operating cookies

These cookies memorize the decisions made within the site, such as page visits or language preferences. Its use makes it possible to offer a more appropriate experience based on the user’s past choices, composing a more personalized and pleasant session for the user.

• Marketing Cookies

Marketing cookies collect information about browsing habits in order to propose more relevant advertising that responds to their interests.