Why use our FENIX barrels ?
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FENIX® guarantees its requalified barrels, through a rigorous selection from French manufacturers and a complete renovation process carried out according to cooperage practices. 

FENIX® guarantees its barrels characterised by a network covering the world’s major wine-growing regions, which enables it to have access to rare barrels, and by a rigorous control and stabilisation process.

FENIX puts its network at your service

FENIX® registered trademark, was born in the heart of the Cognac region, an area renowned for its know-how in the fields of spirits and cooperage. 

Second use barrels eco barrels, ABOUT US


Due to their origin, FENIX® barrels are a vector for promoting the image of your products through the fame they convey. They contribute to the upgrading of your spirits (premiumisation and finishing). 

FENIX puts its expertise at your service

FENIX® uses its barrels to improve your spirits thanks to the organoleptic contributions that characterize them. We collaborate with operators in the sector by combining our expertise (setting up and monitoring trials, etc.) to offer you the most suitable solutions. 

FENIX® ensures the delivery of its casks all over the world, as close as possible to your installations. Aware of your requirements, FENIX® works in a spirit of excellence.

Second use barrels eco barrels, ABOUT US


By optimizing their use through adapted renovation, FENIX® contributes to the lengthening of the life cycle of the barrels, thus limiting the use of forest resources. 

FENIX puts its commitment at your service

FENIX® and its customers are committed to sustainable development.